Extra rations – Wednesday 25th April 2018

Alfie, Wilma, Aristotle and Shadow

Extra Rations

The good news is that I can have extra rations. The bad news is that it’s because I’ve lost a lot of weight when I wasn’t trying to. Our Mistress thinks it is because I was stressed about her being away and she’s probably right. It does however leave me in the lovely position of being able to beg for extras and find my requests are met. It’s amazing the treats that have been hiding away that I didn’t know we’d got.

Our Mistress says that I can’t have too many all at once and she is increasing my food too but she wants me to put weight on slowly. I’m going to be weighed again when I go swimming next week to see how I’m doing. Apparently looking at me is deceptive. Because of my fatty lumps my front still looks as though I am overweight, but my back end definitely doesn’t. I’ve lost 3.5kg altogether, although she says that one of those may have been a good thing!


I did have a nice time swimming, even without the good news I can eat more. I just swam up and down like a good boy. Shadow has asked if she can go as her hip is a bit stiff, but our Mistress says I need to go so she will see if she can get a spare slot for Shadow. Shadow muttered something about wanting to be treated equally with me, but I think that fell on deaf ears. Mind you Shadow also moaned about my extra rations only to be told she could probably do with losing a few pounds, so she may not mention that again.


Then of course was the incident with the wall, but I don’t think I’m meant to be mentioning that. Let’s just say our Mistress will be spending some of her day trying to remove red paint from a wall and another part of her day getting a quote for repairing her car!



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  1. Lucky you Alfie- I would love more rations. My dogsbody is cutting mine back a little bit at the moment:( I can’t run as much lately as it hurts my back leg, but we haven’t really discovered why yet, but my dogsbody reckons if I am getting less exercise then I should get less food! I love your swimming photo.

    Winston Entlebucher

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