Friday Flashback – Friday 27th April 2018

Friday Flashback

Well here I am with another Friday Flashback. I’m so jealous of Alfie at the moment and his ‘Eat as much as you like’ diet. I’d just love to be able to eat everything and be offered lots of treats through the day. I suppose I wouldn’t want the weight lost before it, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I’ve been delving into the archive to find out what happened on this day in previous years, so here goes:

It was fun looking back to when Shadow was just a young puppy:


Shadow is not content to dig in the grass or by the fence. The pots that my Mistress so lovingly planted, aren’t looking as well as they did. Now in fairness, one whole pot was finished off by the frost but the rest were doing quite well, until Shadow discovered them. She has now dug up and eaten the plants from another pot, and but for our intervention was in the process of starting on my Mistress’s favourite. Our Mistress intends to plant them in a flower bed. I just hope that the bed was going to be in the front garden and not where Shadow could get to it. I think flower beds in the back garden might be a thing to be avoided.

Then of course there’s the small matter of the bird table. I was worried when it was being pecked by woodpeckers. How little I knew! Now Shadow has become the bird table’s worst enemy. To be fair it has seen better days and the wood might be a tiny bit rotten, but Shadow has been chewing one of the feet and it isn’t looking so good. The rate she’s going we’re going to have a very lop-sided bird table. Maybe it will only be used by lop-sided birds who won’t mind too much.

Then I found this from 2012

One of Shadow’s puppies needs to move home to a new family and Shadow is now worrying about him. She’s going through all the usual parental angst about not being there for him when he needs her and feeling as though she has been a bad mother. We’ve all told her that she couldn’t have done anything differently and he may be coming here for a short time until he has a new home to go to, so she can make up to him then. I on the other paw have resorted to hiding in the corner with my paws over my head at the prospect of another puppy to look after.

He was the one everyone fell in love with in the litter first; except my Mistress who was besotted with Aristotle from the start. Amigo, as he was called when he was born just had this way of looking at people and melting their hearts. He was one of the twins. Ah well, I’ll let you know what’s happening when I hear more.

What I can tell you is that Amigo grew up into being a lovely happy dog and lives with one of our Mistress’s friends, who we all adore. It was good that his story had such a happy ending.

Well that’s all from me for today. Have a lovely Friday


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