Why me? – Saturday 28th April 2018

Why me?

I want to know Why me? The others get medical problems they can talk about. Ones they can use to gain sympathy. I seem to get all the embarrassing problems that it’s bad enough having to tell our Mistress about, let alone all of you. I’ve got a sore bottom. Our Mistress says I seem to have a bit of a lump and she’s going to monitor it over the weekend then decide if I need to go to the vet on Monday. I’m just hoping it all goes away on it’s own as I don’t want to have to show it to anyone else.

Garden Gnome

Our Mistress went to a garden centre yesteday. She’s been threatening to buy a gnome for the garden for a while. She didn’t buy an actual gnome, but a bird bath with a little gnome sitting on the side of it. It’s a slippery slope. Today a bird bath, tomorrow the whole gnome family. I know what she’s like. Before we know it our garden could look like… well I dread to think. I just hope the birds appreciate how much she spends on them. It is leasing to a wider range of birds visiting, so perhaps they do. Although you should have seen the duck complaining yesterday when she was late feeding them all.

Weather forecast

We’ve been depressing ourselves compaing our weather forecast with the one in Switzerland. Ours is not good. I hope my Master doesn’t do the same as he’ll never want to come home to see us. We’re all counting down the days now. Our Mistress has to go to pick him up next Saturday. I think Wilma’s hoping to go with her to the airport, but I don’t suppose the rest of us will go. I shall be too busy preparing a welcome home banner for when he gets here.



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