Best side – Sunday 29th April 2018

Best side

I thought I’d let you see a photo of my best side. I’m keeping my not so good side out of view as far as possible. Our Mistress has a disconcerting habit of trying to see how I am and it’s not something I enjoy. I’m pretty good at tucking my tail between my legs in such a way as to prevent her getting too close, but then she rolled me on my side and made me move it. That’s parents for you!

Thinking of Dickens

I’d just like to send love to my brother Dickens and his family. Sadly this week he lost his housemate Darwin. Darwin was a lovely elderly Beagle and I know Dickens will miss him. When I say elderly, he’s one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever known. He was Alfie’s age when Dickens was born – or thereabouts. Bearing in mind Dickens is now over five that’s some going. Darwin was the grand age of 17 years and four months and not many dogs can say that. Anyway, it’s going to be hard for Dickens and his other housemate Dilys as well as their humans, so we’re thinking of them all.

Tulips and Gnomes

Our Mistress has been sending our Master pictures of the garden to show him what he’s missing. It’s in retaliation for him sending her lovely pictures from Switzerland with blue skies and warm weather. Anyway, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you my little garden too and of course the gnome that’s moved in. The birds have shown their gratitude by leaving large amounts of poo everywhere. Now you humans will think that’s a bad thing, but speaking as a dog, I don’t mind a little pigeon guano now and again so appreciate their gesture and see it as a good thing. One of those little ways that dogs and their humans see the world rather differently!



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