My Privacy – Tuesday 1st May 2018

Wilma and me wondering if we are missing something

My Privacy

Oh it’s all right my Mistress working away on privacy policies for one thing and another, but what about my privacy? What thought is she giving to that, that’s what I want to know. You may think I’m over reacting but she plasters photographs of me across the internet without any reference to my views on the subject. Does she worry about how my personal data is stored or whether she is keeping it secure? No, I don’t think she does. It’s not just me I’m concerned about, it’s the others as well. I think I may request under the new regulations that our Mistress produces a copy of all the personal data of mine she has, along with details of what she plans to do with it. We should have the right to have it all removed.

Right to be forgotten

Now don’t get me wrong, although I want the right to be forgotten, I don’t actually want it to happen. I can’t think of anything worse than you all forgetting who I am. Having lived most of my life in the lime light, I suppose I’ve grown kind of used to it. I don’t think I really know how to live any other way. It hasn’t changed me… well, not much.


I have to take Shadow swimming today. I get to swim too, just not at the same time. Of course, I don’t really mind taking Shadow. She is so happy when she swims that it cheers us all up. I’ll try to take her photograph for you, but then after what I said a moment ago that might be seen as a little hypocrytical.

Life Support

The life support to our Mistress’s old computer is being turned off today. She hopes she has got everything onto her new one now. Of course, it may need to be resuscitated occasionally if there is anything missing from the new one, but she doesn’t think it will respond to treatment much longer. Let’s hope the new one lasts a very long time as it is not much fun to be around our Mistress while she’s trying to get her computer set up.

Have a great day


ps – we’ve updated our privacy policy.

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