Unpleasant – Saturday 5th May 2018


Unpleasant is putting it mildly. Look away now if you’re squeamish, this is not going to be pleasant. If you will pardon the pun, we’ve got to the bottom of my problems. Yes, I know, I’m the dog with embarrassing problems. To be fair some of them are things Alfie has suffered from too. It turns out I had very blocked and infected anal glands. Can I just tell you, having them cleaned out by the vet was one of the least pleasant things I have every experienced. On top of the fact that it hurt a great deal was the ignominy of having someone sticking their fingers up my bottom!

Anyway, I’ll cut a long story short. It turns out that as I couldn’t reach to lick the part that actually hurt, I was licking a part I could get to and got that infected too.

It’s times like these you have to appreciate the dedication and commitment of medical staff, as well as acknowledging their potentially sadistic tendencies. The vet told me that the fluid from my anal glands should be the consistency of water and mine was more like toothpaste. Personally I think that’s a bad analogy as no one in their right mind would use it to clean their teeth!

Bouncing with Excitement

I’m now far enough into my antibiotics to be bouncing up and down with excitement waiting to see our Master later today. I think our Mistress is expecting us all to sit nicely and greet him gently. How long has she known our breed? We haven’t seen him for over two months and she expects us to sit nicely. It’s just not going to happen. I’m betting Shadow will be on springs the minute she realises he’s here. The rest of us won’t be far behind. I hope he’s coming home wearing full body armour, ready to see us all.

Have a great Saturday



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  1. Hi Ari, I know just what you mean! I suffer with my glands too. I have to have them emptied regularly to keep me comfortable. My Mum knows the signs of trouble brewing and makes the appointment. You will feel like a new man once the infection clears up. Hope you have a lovely time with your Dad. I am looking forward to a walk in the woods today. Love yo you all Dickens XXXXXXX

    • Thanks, bro. Our Mistress has always known the warning signs with Alfie, but apparently I don’t smell as bad. I’m taking that as a potential compliment.
      Have a lovely day

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