Homecoming – Sunday 6th May 2018


Well Shadow was as expected besides herself with excitement at our Master’s homecoming. She is very good at showing how she feels and our Master really did appreciate it. What made him sad was that Alfie was less excited. I know our Mistress tried to explain how much Alfie is struggling, but I think our Master might have taken it a little bit personally.

I was also very pleased when our Master went round the garden admiring how nice it all looks. It did feel that as I’d had a paw in it that was a good thing.

Good weather

Now with a week of good weather and our Master home the girls are looking forward to lots of walks and I’m looking forward to extra cuddles. Wilma is trying out a new GPS tracking device so I think she’s hoping to really try to put it to the test so she can tell you all about it soon. She’s getting the hang of it at the moment and although it makes her collar a bit heavier she says it’s comfortable to wear.


The other piece of very exciting news is that all of a sudden Wilma has learnt to play ball. She won’t tell us how she has suddently learnt. None of us have tried showing her again so we can only think she’s been watching videos or something. Anyway, she will run after it, bring it back and even drop it to be thrown again. What is funny is that she has moved from total indifference to typical Entlebucher obsession in one easy move and now would like to play ball all day and make a lot of noise while she does it. I think she’s going to have to be rationed. Our Mistress says the first thing she now needs to learn is ‘game over’ so she knows when she has to stop. Humans really can be very boring!



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