Happy Days – Monday 7th May 2018

Happy days

These are really happy days for a dog. The sun is shining. I’ve got both my humans in the same place and they aren’t working. It’s perfect. Almost perfect anyway. Shadow’s hip is hurting so she says I’ll have to go on today’s walk without her. I do love having my humans to myself but I like having her along for company too. We’re going to Beningbrough Hall today. There is a lovely wood we like walking through and as Mum has her mask it will even be ok if the bluebells are in flower. She’s really badly allergic to them so usually avoids going when the bluebells are out. However, because she’s badly allergiv to oil seed rape and there is lots round here she has had to get over how she looks in a mask and accept that’s how life is going to be.


As a dog I am not given cake because it’s bad for me. Why then does Mum keep eating cake? She and Dad went into York yesterday and then told me about the cake they had eaten. Today when we go out she is planning to have cake. Ok, so I’m planning to have ice cream, but I won’t be given any cake. I don’t know whether to ask why I can’t have cake or to point out to Mum that she shouldn’t be having it either. I think it would do her more good if I went for the second approach.


There has been one big downside of Dad being home. I’ve lost my place on Mum’s bed. All of a sudden he’s there telling me to get into my own bed. Well, pardon me, but I’d taken to thinking this was my bed and I rather like lying back to back with Mum. Ok, so she ends up with bits aching because she’s slept in an awkward position rather than moving me, but I do rather like the body contact. My own bed seems a bit lonely now. I guess it’s only for a short time, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

Love Wilma

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