Spring Clean – Sunday 13th May 2018

Wilma won't share her stick

Spring Clean

There is a spring clean going on and it’s not good. Dogs and humans deal with things in different ways. None of the four of us has every felt inclined to spring clean to compensate for one of our humans going away from us for a while. Can you imagine how clean the kennels would be if dogs resorted to that sort of activity? We might howl, whine, pace, and look a bit lost. But never have we felt the need to put anything away or wash it.

Our Mistress on the other paw seems to think that approach is the answer. I’m a little worried that my toys and chews might not be safe from the way she is going. My bed has been washed. Wilma’s bed has been washed. Things have been put away that have been left in the same position for months. What is the world coming to? And it’s all because our Master is going away again today. It’s not like it will be long until she and Wilma see him. On that basis it’s really me and Alfie who should be doing the cleaning and we’re the ones who won’t see him for a while.

Three meals a day

Alfie is clearly reverting to puppyhood and has gone back onto three meals a day. To be fair it is in the attempt to get his weight back up, but he seems to rather like it and has even volunteered to have four or five meals if it would help. His only worry is that once his weight gets back to normal he’s going to have to cut down again and he says that is less appealing. He is actually twelve and a half today – so happy half a birthday, Alfie!



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