Still Smiling – Wednesday 16th May 2018

Still Smiling

Well I’m still smiling. That bit of me still works. I’m also really enjoying cuddles with our Mistress. That’s the good news. Less good is my eyesight is deteriorating in some areas, my bark may not recover and I’m on antibiotics for another poorly tooth. I’m also limping because I’ve got a lump on my paw. We think it’s only a fatty lump, but it’s in a really inconvenient place. It’s being tested as it is near the lump I had to have removed about eighteen months ago.

Concentrating on the positives, I have put on another three quarters of a kilo and my muscle tone is good, thanks to swimming. Getting old really is a bit like squeezing jelly. Just as you get one problem under control another one appears.


It’s a good job I’m enjoying cuddles as our Mistress seems to need them as much as I do. She’s missing our Master. It wouldn’t be so bad but she’s taken to playing soppy music and I can live without that! One thing we’ve realised is that my eyesight wouldn’t have helped with me not recognising my Master last week. It’s not just that I couldn’t see it was him specifically, it’s partly that he’s a lot bigger than the people around me normally, so a big shape moving about that I couldn’t make out made me anxious. We’ve concluded that if he could just scratch my bottom for ages when he first sees me then there is a much better chance of everything making sense to me. It is a very good excuse to demand bottom scratches.

I can see better in one eye if there is lots of light. I think that’s why I like these bright sunny days. That and the lovely feeling of sun on my fur. Nothing beats that feeling. Although our Mistress says much the same about fur on bare skin!


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