Breakfast – Thursday 17th May 2018


We had a bit of a snag with breakfast yesterday. I was hungry and woke early complaining that I needed to eat. Now, given that our Mistress is attempting to pamper to my every whim, she got up and fed me at 6am. For that I was very grateful. There was just one small snag. I had a nap and woke again at 6.45am. Normally I’m fed at 7am. I looked at the clock and it was natural for me to think it must be time for breakfast. I’d completely forgotten that I’d eaten only three-quarters of an hour earlier. Even when our Mistress explained to me and proceeded to feed the others, I was not happy and moaned for a very long time. It is amazing how sad an empty bowl can look at that time of day.

Our Mistress has said that on that basis, it would be better if I didn’t ask for my breakfast early. Like that’s not going to happen!

Wilma Woz ‘Ere

Short of actually writing ‘Wilma Woz ‘Ere’ in the best traditions of youth, our dear little Wilma has her own way of doing things. There is a trail of chewed twigs around the garden. Many of them look as though they may have been trying to grow until relatively recently and don’t look as though they were pruned by their own choice. Wilma, of course, is denying any wrong doing or in fact having been there at the time the twigs happened. Given that there is significant evidence to the contrary, no one is really believing her. She does have this way of looking at you though that means she gets away with it! Now if it had been me then it would be an altogether different matter. Mind you I would probably have left some between my teeth as evidence and given the game away.


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