Garden Pond – Monday 21st May 2018

Garden Pond

Ari is at it again. He wants a garden pond. He’s always the gardening dog of the family. Apparently he can be trusted to help create things rather than destroy them. I really don’t know what Mum means when she says that. Anyway, we all like the sound of running water and at the moment that comes in the form of some barrels, but they are not doing very well. They’ve got holes in them and Mum says they need to be replaced.

Ari said that as we now have ducks visiting the garden regularly, why don’t we do something to make them feel more at home. I think he was just thinking of a garden pond, but then Mum started to get ideas about a whole stream. Our garden is on a slope, so I’m guessing it would work its way down on its own but then have to be pumped back up.

Playing in water

I love playing in water, so I’m all in favour. When I said that bit Mum said maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, but I can’t think why she said that. I think she’s a bit worried about Shadow and the ducks. Shadow wouldn’t mind the ducks, but apparently that wasn’t the point either.

I have offered to help with the digging and I did think that maybe that would cheer Alfie up too, but once again our assistance is not required and it has to be done in a particular way if we do it.

Favourite colour

What I want to know is if the pond does go ahead how it is going to be made to fit in with the rest of the garden. It isn’t that hard to see what colours Mum likes if you look at what gets planted. She says she’d like a little bridge over the stream if we do it. I’m guessing that will be painted to match.

Have a great Monday



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