No Swimming – Wednesday 23rd May 2018

No swimming

You get yourself all worked up only to find there’s no swimming. Worse than that, my Mistress actually forget to tell me she’d had to cancel it. I was ready at 10.50am saying ‘I can’t reach my collar and lead down from the hook, please can you pass them to me?’ as any good dog would. All I got in reply was ‘Why?’ I reminded her we were going swimming, presuming she was having one of her absent-minded moments only to have her say ‘I’m really sorry, Alfie, but we’re not going.’ Well that ruined my day. Actually, my whole week! Going swimming is my highlight. It gets me out of the house to somewhere I feel safe and gives me a nice rush of happy chemicals from the exercise.


Now don’t get me wrong, our Mistress does know how important my swimming is. It wasn’t actually her fault. So, here is an appeal to delivery companies everywhere. If you tell someone you are going to call on Tuesday afternoon, please don’t at 10pm the previous night text them to say you have changed it to 11am to 1pm – the very time I was due to go swimming. You just don’t know what the knock-on implications are. In this case, they have given rise to a very disappointed old dog.

It wasn’t just because it was any old swimming session. I don’t actually know when I can go again. Our Mistress can’t take me next week and then I’m having my paw operated on, so it could be weeks.

And so delivery companies everywhere, unless you want on your consciences lots of disappointed dogs, then please stick to what you’ve said. I wonder if I could sue them for the upset they caused me yesterday. I think they should at the very least be sending me a box of Bonios in compensation.



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