Sunny Walks – Thursday 24th May 2018

Sunny Walks

The others were in high spirits enjoying their sunny walks yesterday. It was a bit on the warm side so neither Shadow nor Aristotle wanted to go too far, but they both thoroughly enjoyed what they did do. Wilma just asked if they could take a bottle of water with them and carry on all day. This is a snippet from Shadow’s walk.

Wilma’s travels

I shall be passing the blog over to Wilma for the next few days so she can report on her travels. She’s excited to be going to see our Master and will get to see our grandparents on the way. She’s busy packing her little bag and keeps reminding our Mistress to send a message to her Mama and sister to see if they can meet up for a walk. Our Master has said that there is the constant sound of bells coming from the hillside with all the animals wearing them in the fields. Our Mistress loves things like that so she’s very happy about it, but he’s not so sure.

I really wish that I could go with them, but I’d soon regret it if I did. I’m just going to stay here and potter, which is what suits me best. The lump on my paw is getting bigger, so it’s uncomfortable doing much moving about. I’ll be glad to get rid of it in a couple of weeks. Besides, someone has to keep Aristotle in order. Oh I know that Shadow tries, but quite honestly he’s just too much for one dog to keep an eye on.

Feeding the Birds

The biggest concern whilst our Mistress is not around is, who is going to feed the birds? Oh I know that other people put food out, but ours are getting quite cheeky about asking for food. Two or three of them now come looking for our Mistress if she hasn’t got round to putting the food out. One even came and sat on the windowledge of the office and looked in to see if she was there. We’re starting to think they may be rather more intelligent than they’re usually given credit for.



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