Goats – Sunday 27th May 2018


We’ve got goats. When I say we, that’s in the sense that they are right outside our house. They aren’t actually ours, but they are all wearing bells and I can’t stop watching them. I am finding our Swiss house just too exciting. I can’t decide whether to try chasing Timmy the cat next door or to watch the goats. There is just do much going on. Where we live in England is really very quiet and I don’t get to see nearly so many exciting things. I think Shadow is going to find it all a bit much here.

Raten Pass

When we eventually arived yesterday and had been to the supermarket, I was pleasantly surprised that Mum and Dad agreed to my one request of the day and took me up to the Raten Pass for a walk. I love it up there. The meadow has grown since I was here a few weeks ago. The good thing is it doesn’t smell of fertilizer now so mum doesn’t mind so much. I thought it was a good smell, but humans can be funny about things like that.

Seeing Dad

I was very pleased to see Dad. To begin with he wasn’t keen on having paw prints over everything, but he got over it pretty quickly. We had a lovely time together with some really nice cuddles.


Anyway after an early start yesterday and a lot of time in the car, today I get to see some of my Swiss Family and don’t have to go anywhere very far as they are coming here. I can’t wait to show them the goats and see if they want to try and help me corner Timmy. I think Mum says I have to help with some gardening first and maybe some furniture building too. I might just take up position by the window and watch the goats.

Love Wilma

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