Sun bathing – Tuesday 29th May 2018

Sun bathing

It turns out that if I have to choose between working or sun bathing then I choose the sun bathing option. The terrace outside Mum’s office is perfect. I’ve got a blanket out there and my water bowl and I’m a happy dog. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d been for a lovely walk and felt I’d earned the rest. To be fair, Mum had also been for a lovely walk but insisted on working afterwards. She’s like that. She’s not very good at stopping, however hard I try to make her. Well, I do concede she did have a short afternoon nap with me after lunch, but we had been up since 6am so she felt she deserved that.

Progress with the furniture building

You will be pleased to know that she has made progress with the furniture building. She only has two wardrobes left to make now. She has said she’s probably left the worst until last. The first problem being carrying them up all four floors from the garage. I am not offering to help. In fact I’ve put my paw up to sit in my crate for a few minutes so I don’t get in the way. I just know if they trip over me I’ll get shouted at. If they fall over each other without me then they’ll only have themselves to blame.

Evening walk

Sunday night’s walk was lovely too. We didn’t go that far, although you needed to be a mountain goat, or in my case dog, as it was fairly steep. Mum isn’t all that good with steep, but I waited for her like the good dog I am. We did the whole family selfie thing at the monument we’d climbed up to. I stuck my tongue out in some of the shots, for which I was told off. Sometimes humans take life too seriously.

Love Wilma

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