Entlebuch – Friday 1st June 2018


Yesterday I took Dad to Entlebuch. It’s one of those things as an Entlebucher you just have to do. Mum has been before and so have I, with Mum. However it was Dad’s first time, so it was a big special for us.

Lovely Day

Before coming back through the Entlebuch Valley, which is a UNESCO biosphere, so is a bit special, we had been to visit my half-sister, Tosca, and her family. I spent a few weeks living there before I moved to England. I absolutely adore the humans there, so it was lovely to see them. I feel so at home there as I know where to find everything and I understand how things work. Mum always said it felt like her second home, but now I think she’s a bit confused as that means she has two second homes in Switzerland.

Mountain Passes

We started our day driving over one of the mountain passes to get to my sister’s house. You should have seen some of the waterfalls. They were amazing. Everything was so beautiful. The water in the lakes is so clean it just makes you want to go swimming in it. Obviously, I’d need to roll in mud again afterwards.


The day ended with carrying the parts of the wardrobe upstairs. Mum only has tomorrow left to try to build it, so it’s going to be hard to get it finished. She had to sew some buttons on for Dad too. Her most important job for tomorrow is to try to go to the supermarket and exchange the vouchers she has collect for a free beach towel. She says that can be my towel here in case I need one. I just hope she knows what to ask for – her German does not seem to be improving!

Love Wilma

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  1. Hello Wilma,
    I have a picture of me too in that exact spot at the train station in Entlebuch. You are making me and my owner very envious reminding us of all the fun things about Switzerland. Now I am living in Australia, which is very different, but nice in other ways. We really love hearing about your adventures there and seeing all the great
    Pictures and videos too.

    • Oh Winston, that’s an awfully long way away, but how exciting to live there. You must be one of the only Entlebuchers in Australia. We’d love to hear more about where you live and you could send us a picture of there too, if you’d like to. Email me on Alfie’s email. alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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