Home Again – Monday 4th June 2018

Home Again

Well we’re home again and I just can’t wait to see the others in an hour or so. Normally I would be passing the diary back to Alfie, but he has to have an operation on his paw tomorrow so I think he may ask me to keep writing it for a while.

Travelling when it’s hot is so difficult. Obviously I can’t be left in the car when it’s hot but that doesn’t stop Mum needing to have breaks. We were talking about it and said we should campaign for service stations and for that matter Eurotunnel to provide covered parking spaces for dog owners so there is somewhere safe for them. Either that or start allowing dogs to go into the service stations. Obviously the second option would be best for everyone. If I can go into breakfast with Mum at the hotel, what exactly is the problem when it comes to a service station?

Catching Up

This week is going to be about catching up. Not just Mum, but us as well. We have a very exciting new product to test and tell you all about as well as a big fun dog event. I think Mum needs me to do some hotel reviews too, which are always fun to write up. What I would say is that as a dog I really do like Ibis hotels when we’re travelling. It’s not that they are especially comfortable, or for that matter luxurious, but I am allowed to go everywhere and am not excluded even from the restaurant. The car parks are always good and have bins too, which seems to keep Mum happy. So thank you Ibis.

I like being able to go for breakfast with Mum and not being left out. She doesn’t actually let me have my breakfast in there and I don’t get to sit up on the chair at the table, but that fact I am allowed in there is just great.

Love Wilma

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  1. Welcome home Wilma. I hope all goes well with Alfie’s operation tomorrow. I will be thinking about him. Sending him lots of cuddles. xxxxx

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