Alfie is recovering – Wednesday 6th June 2018

Alfie is recovering

Well, Alfie is recovering at home. He was a little drugged up, dazed and confused when he came home. He was struggling with stairs so although Mum had planned to have him with her in the office he said he’d rather be in the cool, dark, quiet kitchen. He’s been through the wars a bit. Obviously he has had the lump removed from his paw. That came away easier than our vet had feared, but she may not have been able to get quite all of it as it was on a vein and tendon. He’s all bound up and has to go and have his bandage changed tomorrow. The lump will now go off to the lab to be looked at.


He’s had another tooth out as well. His other teeth are fairly worn and the vet gave them a good clean while he was under anaesthetic. He still has enough left to chew with for the time being, so we can’t call him gummy bear just yet. There was other good news too. All the lumps and bumps on his abdomen are fatty lumps and none seem to be suspicious. There are so many of them it was best for the vet to have a look as Mum was getting a bit overwhelmed making sure she was happy with them all.


His voice is not so simple. It turns out he has partical paralysis of the larynx. It’s not serious, but it does explain why he is snoring more and sometimes swallowing repeatedly in an odd way. The nurse explained that it will be better for him to stay cool and make sure that he doesn’t eat too quickly. It may be a problem for them in putting a tube into his throat if it gets any worse, but it’s fine for the time being. It does mean that we may never hear him bark normally again. Mum felt a bit sad about that, even though she had already realised that would probably be the case.

Top Down Motoring

Because Mum’s car is being fixed, and that’s another story altogether, we’re all having to use Alfie’s little sports car at the moment. Obviously not at the same time as each other as it only has two seats. Ari is finding it hardest. He just doesn’t know how to sit in it comfortably. He was getting the hang of it by the time he came back from swimming, but it took a while. Shadow is funny, she simply looks as though she is above everyone else when she’s in it and looks around her disdainfully.

Alfie is used to it, so even still recovering from his anaesthetic was able to make himself comfortable. Then there’s me. To begin with I wouldn’t get in. It was just too weird. Then I discovered the joy of the wind in my fur and have to say it really is the way to go! I did undo my seatbelt though and was told off for that. What can I say? I’m just a girl who does not like to be constrained.

Love Wilma

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  1. Good news to hear Alfie is home and back with you all. We send our love and a big hug. Dickens and my family XXXXXX

    • Thank you, Dickens. He’s not got over his anaesthetic yet. Hopefully he will be more of his old self later.
      Love Wilma

    • Thank you. He’s still really spaced out and doesn’t know where he is. Hopefully that will wear off soon.

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