Suzy’s Dog Fashion – Thursday 7th June 2018

Me getting really comfy

Suzy’s Dog Fashion

Today I want to tell you about Suzy’s Dog Fashion. It’s all a bit special really. As you know, Alfie was born in Belgium. We’ve always been envious of the beds he brought back with him. They have lasted for years, whereas ours have not! It’s not just about us playing tug with them, it’s about the quality. Anyway, we had a lovely surprise when a Belgian company, Suzy’s Dog Fashion asked if we’d try one of their beds. It’s really for Alfie but we’ve been trying it ahead of him feeling well enough to really enjoy it.

Anyway, although it is Belgian it does have a UK website and lots of different products to choose from.

Well Made

For us the qualities for a good dog bed are that it is made from good quality material, sewn well, has lots of stuffing and can be washed and dried without falling apart. This seems to pass all the tests with flying colours. The material is very strong, but it isn’t rough. It will last a long time as far as we can tell. Ours is the 120cm cushion which makes it really good for an Entlebucher to lie on. Ari and I tried out different positions to make sure we could get really really comfortable and we found we could. It does come in other sizes if you’re looking for something a little smaller.

They are so convinced by how well made their things are that they give a two year guarantee. Now in my experience that makes them pretty good, but some of the beds I’ve had have not lasted anything like that long!

Gorgeous dog carriers

If you’re a really small dog or a puppy I have to say they make the most gorgeous dog carriers. It almost made me wish I was a size that could be carried around in the lap of luxury. They have lovely beds, blankets and cushions too. Mum says she is so impressed with the quality that she will buy our new beds from them when we need them too.


The Company has been around since 1954 so really knows what they’re doing by now and is family run, which we really like too. They send their lovely things all over the world, so if you aren’t in the UK or Belgium that really doesn’t matter.

When Alfie is well enough to know what’s going on, we’ll bring you some pictures of him enjoying the bed too. We promise we’ve only used it a little bit ahead of

Me getting really comfy

giving it to him as a special surprise.

Their website is and facebook and twitter they are @suzysfashion4dogs

Love Wilma

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