Assistance Dogs Campaign – Monday 11th June 2018

Assistance Dogs Campaign

I want you all to join the Assistance Dogs Campaign please. It’s important. Did you know that many places limit entry to Guide Dogs only? Now, leaving aside the point that no dog should be denied access, what is most important to establish first of all is that entry should always be permitted for all qualified and training assistance dogs. It is not just blind people who are now able to rely on our help, but deaf, disabled and those with serious medical conditions. My fellow canines save lives on a regular basis and a human who is wholly dependent on their help for whatever reason should never find themselves denied access.

Sign the Petition

This campaign has been started by an eighteen-year-old human called Abby, who has been denied access with her assistance dog Chloe. It is essential that all assistance dogs are given access to wherever their humans need to go. Mum feels very strongly about it. Not just because she knows how much difference dogs can make in general, but she has a friend who is diabetic who has a Medical Detection Dog who has saved her life by alerting at critical times. We dogs do important work for several thousand people in the UK as well as others around the world.

You can sign the petition by going HERE and find out more about Chloe the assistance dog HERE. You can make a difference by adding your name to the petition. Abby is calling for a requirement for all businesses to display a sticker confirming all assistance dogs are allowed entry. It is a legal requirement, but unfortunately there are many people out there who do not understand that, leaving assistance dog owners in a difficult position.

Assistance Dogs UK

There is a wonderful organisation called Assistance Dogs UK which works with eight of the major assistance dog organisations in the UK. It is worth reading about the work they are doing here.

Anyway, please do your bit



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