Low grade sarcoma – Wednesday 13th June 2018

Low Grade Sarcoma

We’ve had the result from the lab and Alfie’s lump was a low grade sarcoma. He is not too worried. As he says, he had one removed 18 months ago and it has taken that long to come back. This time our vet does not think she’s been able to get all of it, so of course it might come back sooner but it is likely to be localised. Otherwise he’s fine. His paw is actually healing well and his stitches should come out on Friday.

The Law on Assistance Dogs

Some of you have rightly pointed out that the law requires all assistance dogs to be allowed access to buildings, so why do we need a campaign to get things changed. Whilst the law might be clear, many people don’t know the law. Because signs only show guide dogs there are people that think they are the only ones covered. Of course, anyone can argue for their rights, but not everyone is in a position to do that and even when they are they can face some pretty bad experiences.

We had a note from Olivia telling us her story. This is just one incident. It shows why things need to change.

Olivia’s Story

I have an assistance dog trained to meet the Assistance Dogs UK standards but have been refused access once so far. I was with a friend who had an assistance dog in training and we really needed to go to a shop called SPAR. We walked in and got what we went there for and no one said anything. We went to the till and once again no one said anything, but once the woman went to serve us she said ‘no dogs allowed unless it’s a guide dog’.

Both of us tried to explain they’re assistance dogs and that by law they cannot refuse access. The other woman behind the counter tried to explain it too, but the woman addressing us kept shouting over the other woman and us whenever we tried to explain the law to her. She told one of us to take both dogs out ‘because they sell fresh food and the dogs were “a health hazard”’ Because she continued to shout over us, I took both dogs out (both walking at heel) and my friend paid and when she came out she said the woman continued to shout over everyone as if she knew best.

What an unpleasant experience for Olivia and for the two dogs who were just doing their jobs. Do remember to sign the petition if you have not done so already The petition is HERE

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