Usurped – Saturday 16th June 2018

Me trying out the cushion


I’ve been usurped and I’m not happy about it. The position of gardening companion is already taken. I’ve been doing the job for a number of years and I wasn’t thinking of giving it up. Oh I can cope with our Mistress talking to the birds as she feeds them. I can even cope when the Robin hops round after her, but this is too much.

A squirrel has actually decided to befriend our Mistress. She joins her at the bird table for a little chat and even lets our Mistress send a few extra peanuts her way. Our Mistress is utterly enchanted by the squirrel and even said she’d like to progress to her coming to her hand. Does she not get enough attention from us? We will always take a treat straight from her hand, even when not invited to do so. Aren’t we cuddly enough? As you can tell, I’m a worried dog.

Alfie says not to worry

Alfie says she went through a phase like this when he was quite young and I shouldn’t worry about it. According to him the wild animals come and go and our job is to remain constant and be there for her when the disappointment sets in. I’m glad he can be so stoic, but then he’s not our Mistress’s gardening companion. I wonder if I combed my tail out whether I’d be able to make myself look cuter than the squirrel. At least it’s only a grey squirrel. I can probably compete better with one of those. Alfie’s warned me she’d go completely soft if it were a red squirrel. I guess I have to be thankful for something.

Alfie’s paw

Alfie has had his dressings off and his paw is healing very well. He now has to be good and not lick it too much. He says he’s so happy to get rid of the bandage and not have to wear his boot that he’ll sign up for anything.

Have a great Saturday


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