Injustice – Sunday 17th June 2018

Della and Aristotle


The injustice of it. It really isn’t fair. Our Mistress has gone to meet up with our Master and not taken us with her. I may not have been able or even wanted to go to the Billy Joel concert with them, but I would have liked to see our Master. We daren’t even tell Shadow that’s where she is as she really wouldn’t be a happy dog if she knew. I guess she and Wilma will see him in two weeks, so perhaps it’s not so bad for them. Now our Mistress is going to come home and I shall just get the odd sniff of our Master and that’s all there is for me. I don’t suppose she will even bring me back a present.

Dogs and two seater cars

We have all come to the kennels while our Mistress is not here. Oh you’d have laughed at the process of getting us here. Because our Mistress’s car is still being repaired she is still having to use Alfie’s little care. Thankfully the kennels is only a mile from our house as she had to bring us one at a time and then do a separate journey with our beds. It was all a bit confusing. Now she’s going to have to do the whole thing the other way round to get us home again.

Car repairs

The car repair is not going well. It was only supposed to take a week to ten days, but the first bumper that was sent was damaged and the second one is having to come from Germany and hasn’t arrived yet. We are hoping it will arrive at the garage tomorrow and that it will be ok. Our Mistress is starting to get worried that she won’t have her car back in time to go to Switzerland at this rate and she really can’t get two dogs and her luggage into Alfie’s little car.

Have a great Sunday


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  1. Hello everyone, just wanted to wish all Fathers everywhere a HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!
    A special mention for Binto-Sami and Chris in Switzeralnd and my Dad here in the UK. Love Dickens XXXXXXX

    • What a good four-paws you are, Dickens. Yes I should have thought of that. Happy father’s day to my human and doggy dad (Rino). Wilma says I mustn’t forget her dad, Rolex too. Shadow and Alfie are both thinking of their dads, but sadly they are no longer with us.

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