It’s Me – Tuesday 19th June 2018

Wilma and Alfie

It’s Me

Well it’s me, I’m back. My paw is doing nicely. Now I don’t have any bandages on I’m not quite such a grumpy old man. Ari is going swimming today instead of me, but I’ll be back to a full activity schedule by the end of the week. I do seem to have lost my entire winter coat over the last few days. Apart from that everything seems normal. I’m much happier to be back to going upstairs too. I think it was psychological. Just having a bandage on my paw was making me more wobbly on my feet. I really don’t think I needed to be. Anyway, now our Mistress is not worried I’m going to fall downstairs we’ve all returned to our normal sleeping arrangements.

New friends

It looks as though Wilma and Shadow may have the opportunity to make some new friends when they go to Switzerland. Our back garden there is not very large. It’s just a couple of slabs wide of patio and then a small bank of grass. And then a cow! I have to say it really is a mighty fine cow, but if that’s an electric fence then either it is not switched on or the cow has developed some immunity to it. Given that is the extent of the fence I don’t think the girls will be allowed out on their own in the garden!

I must admit the point at which our Master was telling us what lovely eyes they have I did feel just a tiny bit jealous.

Broken Gnome

Our Mistress is very upset. After buying the birds the lovely present of a toadstool water bath with their very own little gnome, they have only gone and broken it. None of the birds is owning up to being responsible. I think we can safely assume it was one of the larger ones, but it looks like we will never find out which. Now our Mistress, who has never been good with the superglue at the best of times, is intent on fixing it. What could possibly go wrong?

Have a great Tuesday


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  1. Hi Alfie, good to hear from you and so pleased your foot is better. Not a lot of news here. Is everyone football crazy in your house? My Dad is not bothered so watches TV in one room but my Mum loves it especially when England play and so she is watching in another room, The problem is – who do I sit with because I want to be with both? I end up to and fro to keep an eye on them and get no rest at all. I am definitely not a fan of this arrangement so pleased to learn it is only short term. Have a lovely day. Love Dickens X

    • Oh dear that is a problem. Mind you having humans in different countries is very confusing too. I gave up watching football when I couldn’t get the ball from behind the set.

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