Friday Flashback – Friday 22nd June 2018

Friday Flashback

It’s Wilma’s Friday Flashback once again and here I am looking through the archives. When I read this from five years ago, I concluded that nothing much changes:


I’m rather hoping that the weather will be good enough for another exciting outing to explore a bit more of this county. We all sat down last night to discuss where we wanted to go, Shadow opted for the beach and I opted for a forest. Ari wanted somewhere with lots of other people and dogs and I wanted somewhere deserted. I suspect that the humans will get the real choice but they agree about as much as we do. Ah well as long as there’s an ice cream at the end of it I suppose I shouldn’t grumble.

Then Alfie writing this the previous year made me laugh


Alfie showing what was in the box

I know I have to own up sooner or later to buying the stroller for Aristotle, but I was working on later. Except – it’s arrived and the box is quite big…and heavy…and I need help building it. To be honest I need help getting it out of the box, before I even get to the bit with the instructions that don’t make any sense. I think this may be the point where I have to hold up my paw and admit to what I’ve done. We all love little Ari, it’s bound to be all right…isn’t it?

Meanwhile nine years ago Alfie was busy with a bit of dog philosophy


I have a theory as to why a dog is always pleased to see you, when you don’t think you’ve been gone for long. It’s all to do with having different concepts of time. If you think of a human year being seven dog years, it makes sense. To us if you are out for an hour, it feels as though you’ve been gone all day. If you do happen to go out for the day without us, well it feels as though we’ve been abandoned altogether. Now faced with those thoughts, can you see that we are filled with delight and relief when you come home to us?

Well that’s it from me for today. I’m hoping for another long walk with Mum later, but in the meantime I’m going to put my paws up for a while.



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