Partner in Crime – Saturday 23rd June 2018

My what a handsome chap I am

Partner in Crime

My partner in crime was caught in the act this week. There we were in the utility in our crates. To be fair we’d only just been put in there. However, it had been at least three minutes since our Mistress left the room. Long enough for Wilma to let herself out of her own crate. Anyway, our Mistress came back into the room for something, only to find Wilma in the process of undoing my crate. Oh dear, were we in trouble. Wilma was in more trouble than me, but however innocent I tried to look, I’m sure our Mistress was not fooled.

Our Mistress has applied additional tape reinforcement to all sides of the crate. Now Wilma can only use the doors. That won’t actually stop her, but it will increase the time it takes by a minute or two!

Learning to Drive

I’ve decided I want to learn to drive. It’s Alfie’s little car that has made me start to think that. Normally I don’t get to sit up front and see what’s going on. I’ve decided I rather like it. When I had to get in yesterday I moved across to the driver’s seat and told our Mistress we could swap roles. Funnily enough she was not keen to be my passenger. I said I was sure Wilma would think it was a great wheeze and come with me. At that point I was told in no uncertain terms to move across to the passenger seat and get my paws away from the car keys. Some people are just no fun.

Loose chippings

They are doing road resurfacing round here and there are loose chippings everywhere. Even when we drive slowly they make an awful lot of noise as they come up and hit the car. Part of the problem is that we are so low to the ground, but I really don’t like them. I’m going to ask if we can go a different way until they disappear.

Have a great Saturday


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