Hog Roast – Sunday 24th June 2018

Hog Roast

We’ve been waiting for our hog roast. It was the village fun day yesterday and our Mistress said she was happy to buy anything that was left of the hog roast. You can imagine how the four of us reacted to that idea. We were over the moon. It was not that we had any real expectation that she was buying it for our benefit. She’s clumsy. It meant we knew that when she was packing any up to put in the freezer there were bound to be spare bits that ended up on the floor. Our plan was to do any clearing up before she had the opportunity to ask us to get out from under her feet.

Our disappointment has been that there was less left over than our Mistress thought there might be. Sadly for us, their party was a success, so most of the pig was eaten at the time. How inconsiderate can humans be?

Duck Race

I must say, I was also disappointed that the duck race did not involve the humans in spending ages training the ducks on the pond to run against each other. It seems that only plastic ducks were allowed to take part. 100 were released into the wild on one side of the pond and left to swim across to the other side. ‘Swim’ in this context is a relative term. When the wind changed direction they kept going back to the bank they had come from. In the end one made a bid for freedom and did get all the way across, but it was a slow process. The real ducks would have made a much better job of it, particularly if Shadow had been allowed to chase into the pond after them. Another loss for us all.

Have a great Sunday


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