Hot Dog – Tuesday 26th June 2018

Hot Dog

Well I’m one hot dog. I don’t mean I’ve found a large bread roll to lie in, I mean that for England the temperature is way above what I expect. It makes me glad that I like being in the kitchen, which is generally cool and comfortable as long as our Mistress does not decide to cook. When she does it can get a bit smoky, but don’t tell her I said so. The utility is the coolest room but I’m not keen to muscle in on Aristotle’s domain. Our Mistress on the other paw was seriously thinking of moving a large enough cushion in there so she could share with him.

One of the problems with the hot weather is that we all become a bit irritable. Shadow snaps at me. I bark for no apparent reason. Aristotle and Wilma react to my barking. They set Shadow off and so it goes on. Our Mistress has said we should all go and lie quietly outside in the shade, but we don’t seem to be able to do quiet so it rather spoils that idea. It did rather make me wonder how on earth Winston copes in Australia.


If things go to plan, our Mistress will get her car back later today. She has been using mine for over three weeks now and much as it has been fun to be out and about in that again it is not exactly practical. Mine is going in to have its oil leak looked at as soon as she picks hers up. I must admit to being a bit worried about how it will get on. Our Mistress has been reassuring me that it will be fine, but I’m just the sort of dog who worries about things.

On the bright side, our Mistress has promised to take me out in the car again when it does come back from repair. That is something for me to look forward to. I’m going to miss our Mistress and Wilma while they are away.

Have a great Tuesday


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  1. Well at the moment it is quite chilly here in Australia, but in the summer I cool down by swimming, staying in the shade, and lying as flat as I can in the tiled bathroom. Looking forward to the snow in Canada though! Stay cool Alfie, As we are black we have a good excuse for lazing around on hot days.
    Love Winston

    • Oh Winston we just love the snow. Canada sounds just perfect. Do let us know how you get on and all about your travels.

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