Friday Flashback – Friday 29th June 2018

Friday Flashback

It’s my Friday Flashback once again. So what have we all been up to on the 29th June in previous years?

In 2008 Alfie was pondering dog health conditions. Of course we’ve learnt the answer to the dementia issue as he now has it, but the others are still relevant questions.


Shadow and Aristotle Jun 2012

Do dogs ever stammer? I was just wondering if it was just a human thing or whether there are dogs who find it difficult to get their woofs out. I suppose there are a whole range of human conditions that you have to wonder if dogs can have. Are dogs ever dyslexic? Can you say with any certainty that they aren’t. It just makes you think that there are not enough resources put into making sure a dog is able to get as much out of his life as you would like him to. There are pet psychologists and to be quite honest living with my Mistress it’s a wonder I haven’t been referred to one by the vet. Do we have to look forward to conditions such as Alzheimer’s or on a more basic level gout? It makes you start to think if we don’t get those things, is it just because we die so very young or is it for some other genetic reason that humans can learn from.

And this is why Mum doesn’t cook very often!


We are past the cooking phase and into the eating phase of the home baking. I can now confirm that the orange and whisky marmalade is very sticky indeed and has a slightly treacly taste. I’m not complaining. I do rather like it, but we won’t need to buy any Superglue for a very long time.

This made me laugh too – way to go Shadow!


This is what happens when you put a dog on a diet. I did warn them, but would they listen? James asked for his evening meal to be left on the side so he could come and get it when he was ready. Unfortunately, he forgot. We were outside in the garden working, my Mistress, Megan and I, when my Mistress heard the sound of the plate moving on the work surface so presumed James had come to eat it. It was only when she went into the kitchen to find a small amount of rice in one corner of the plate, together with the vegetables and connected this with the fact that James was not in the house and Shadow was looking very guilty, that we realised what had happened. Strangely, James didn’t feel like finishing what was on the plate when he came in. Megan was just fed up that she hadn’t thought of it first.

Have a great Friday



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