Where’s mine? – Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Where’s Mine?

Where’s mine? That’s what I wanted to know. Oh it’s all very well Mum getting the holiday off to a start with a large ice cream, but where exactly was mine? I don’t want to hear things like ‘You really wouldn’t like this, Wilma.’. Who’s she trying to kid? She knows I’d like it. What’s not to like? She said it would be unfair to Shadow if I had an ice cream and she didn’t. Now I know Shadow has been quite poorly, and of course I am sympathetic to the discomfort she has been in, but why exactly does that mean I should be deprived?

Lazy Day

Overall we had quite a lazy day. Mum took me for an early walk so that it would not be too hot. Shadow said if we didn’t mind she’d like a bit more sleep, so stayed in bed. I think in reality she was enjoyed all the fuss from Dad and was happy to have him all to herself for a while. After the ‘ice-cream incident’, Dad wanted to walk down the hill to look at some bells, but Shadow said she didn’t really want to go because she was still tired and it was going to be quite a walk back up. She went back to the car with Mum and I went with Dad.

I admit it. I’m too attached to Mum,I hate it when she is not there. I howled as soon as she went the other way.  Whilst I do love Dad and once I accepted my fate we did have a lovely walk together, but if I had my way I would never be parted from Mum and I really do mean NEVER. It’s a breed thing. She says it’s way more than that and we’ve developed some sort of co-dependency, but that sounds way too complicated to my way of thinking.

World Cup

Now we’re going to Italy for a few days. It’s just that Dad wants to get to the hotel in time to watch the world cup matches. He’s usually the one who is not ready to leave in the morning, but he’s even offered to be ready to go by 9am. The funny thing is that it’s now Mum saying she wants to go later!



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  1. Ha! The ‘ice-cream incident’!

    If that’s an allusion to Calvin an d Hobbes’ ‘noodle incident’ you must love Bill Watterson as much as I do. In the last couple of days we – that’s my boss and I – browsed though years of C&H-Comics (comics? no: Masterpieces – every single one!) and of course had the one or other encounter with the mysterious ‘noodle incident’.

    Maybe we should communicate more about comix?

    Have a good time in Italy. Don’t overdo it with the gelati. My boss is sure all the sugar isn’t really good for us and never ever feeds me anything sweet. Apart from his love, of course.

    Tell Dad not just to watch England vs. Columbia tonight but Switzerland vs. Sweden as well (4pm). Hopefully the results end not up in E vs. S! He’d be a Rumpelstiltskin – torn in half…

    Looking forward to seeing you again

    Valeria (and the rest of us)

    • Ooo I haven’t read the comics, perhaps I should. They sound fun.
      Mum is cheering for Belgium, Switzerland and England at the moment. It is going to get harder as she has to decide.
      Much as I’d like to have sugar, Mum just points to her own tummy and tells me this is why you only get an ice cream occasionally! I’ve tried telling her I’m willing to run further, but she won’t listen.
      It’s so hard.
      Love Wilma

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