Swimming – Thursday 5th July 2018


Dad in the pool

Why can’t we go swimming? We had a long day in the car too and now we’ve arrived in Tuscany. The hotel is simply perfect. Our room even has air conditioning so we aren’t too hot. Shadow is taking up too much of our blanket so Mum had to sort that out, but otherwise it’s perfect. There are olive groves and gardens to walk in and we’re allowed to join the humans for dinner. I did nearly pull a table over, but Mum sorted that out. We were made to sit by the railings instead, but that was ok. The only bugbear is the swimming pool. Why won’t the humans let us get in too? I’d love to have a swim. Mum brought our life jackets just in case there was water and here it is. She has explained that was because Dad wants us to go out on a boat on the lake in Switzerland, but I’m willing to wear mine in the pool to be safe.

The Drive

The journey here was really something else. Not only was the driving we saw really bad, but the sat nav got very confused on where we should be going. Dad got grumpy with Mum and she shouted back at him. It was all a bit fraught until we got on the motorway. When we stopped the service station did have covered parking for the car. It was so much better. Mind you, it was 33 degrees so it was a good job. Mum and Dad took turns going into the service station. Dad wasn’t long, but Mum was ages. She came out looking very flustered and said she found everything very hard to understand and couldn’t find where to pay or how to get out. Thankfully everything has now improved and she’s feeling much more relaxed.

Salvo and Izzy

I got really excited to meet up with Salvo and Izzy. What was lovely was that all the people here know Salvo and Izzy so have a good idea what we are like and were happy to meet me and Shadow too. I think I’m going to have a lovely few days. Shadow didn’t feel well yesterday morning, but by the evening she said she was feeling much more her old self. She even ate all her tea which Mum said was good news, but frankly I thought was a shame.



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