Doing Nothing – Friday 6th July 2018

Doing nothing

Yesterday we spent the day doing nothing. It turns out that can be a very serious business. First of all we did nothing in the morning. Then after the humans had a long leisurely lunch we turned our attention to doing nothing in the afternoon. My favourite place for doing nothing was lying on a sun lounger with Mum. I did get told off for barking, but it was only because I found doing nothing so exciting. Actually, to be honest I wanted to go in the pool. There were a couple of boys playing in there and it looked so much fun. I can’t understand why Mum drew the line at me doing that.

Olive groves

We’ve been having lovely walks through the olive groves when it is not too warm to walk anywhere. Mum says she’d like an olive tree in the garden at home, but it’s not really warm enough there to grow most of the time. Here they are not only growing but covered in olives. I asked if I could try one, but Mum said no.

Leaning Towers

Dad wanted to go to see a building that’s falling over, which seemed an odd request to me. That’s humans for you!  Because it was so hot he decided against going. Mum had offered to stay at the hotel with us as it would have been too hot for us to go but Dad said he’d have missed us too much, which was nice. Mum says we’ll all have to come at a cooler time of year so that we can all go. I still don’t understand why I need to see a Tower that can’t stand up, but I’m not complaining about the thought of coming again. I’m more focussed on the little lizards I can chase, but then Dad can’t see the attraction in that.


  1. It sounds like a great holiday, Wilma. I hope that you are enjoying the wonderful italian food.
    Love Winston

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