Argument – Monday 9th July 2018


Shadow and I had an argument. It was more of a Shadow bit me incident as I didn’t really answer back. I can see why she was annoyed, but it wasn’t really my fault either. She wasn’t feeling so good and had gone to sleep. Our room was very dark and too hot and I was having difficulty settling so wanted to go round the bed to see Mum and ask her to give me a soothing stroke. Anyway, I accidentally trod on Shadow and she woke with a start. You know that old saying ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’, well it turns out with Shadow you really really need to follow that advice.

Thankfully in the dark she didn’t really get me and I quickly stepped out of the way before she could have another go. Mum put the light on and checked we were both ok. She also suggested to Shadow that sleeping right where someone was likely to walk may not be the best idea. Shadow being Shadow didn’t even apologise. I’ve forgiven her as I’m not a dog to bear a grudge, but I’m giving her a wide birth too.


As I write this we are now back home in Switzerland. It does feel like home to me as I’ve been often enough to know my way round. Shadow is still finding her paws. It’s a work day today so we’re going to have to entertain ourselves. To be honest after all the travelling and being in strange places it’s just nice to be somewhere you are familiar. As Alfie always says, home is where you know where to find the biscuit cupboard and your bowl is always in the same place.

Final Wardrobe

We’ve moved all the parts of the last wardrobe upstairs. When I say ‘we’, I supervised while Mum and Dad did the moving. I shall also supervise it being put together today. Hopefully that will be long after a nice cool early walk followed by a good sleep.



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