Mountain walks – Tuesday 10th July 2018

Mountain walks

I’m just loving my mountain walks. Mum and I went early yesterday so that it wasn’t too hot. Shadow isn’t feeling great in a morning so she stayed at home. It is lovely having Mum all to myself. I think if she had not had to get back to do some work we could have stayed all day. Obviously Shadow wouldn’t have been happy about that though. Hopefully we’ll do the same each morning to really make the most of it. I don’t know how we’re going to tear ourselves away. Mum says I have to think of Alfie and Ari and that is enough reason to go back to England at least for a while. I just wish we could all come here and not go back at all.


Mum split her day after that between her work and the chores that need doing. She took us to the supermarket, although we had to wait in the car. I was allowed to help building the wardrobe though. When I say ‘allowed’ I’m not sure that they were Mum’s exact words. I think she said something more along the lines of ‘You’re really getting in my way, Wilma. If you don’t move out of the way I’m worried you’re going to get hurt.’

Perhaps the most exciting chore was going to buy a freezer. We couldn’t help with that one as Mum had to take the crate out of the boot to get the freezer in. Anyway, I’m hoping that once it is in operation there might be things we can eat too. I’m not holding out a lot of hope, but a girl can dream.

Our Village

Our next adventure is to properly explore our village. Mum and I did go for a little walk round it when we came first time, but Dad and Shadow haven’t been round it yet. Most of it is on the other side of the main road from us and then up a steep hill, which is why we don’t wander round it regularly. There is not that much there, but it’s always nice to know your way round.



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