An idea – Thursday 12th July 2018

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An Idea

I’ve had an idea. While Mum and I were walking on ‘our mountain’ yesterday morning I started thinking. Alfie wrote a book all about the animals and birds he used to meet on his walks in the woods in Belgium. Alfie’s Woods might not be entirely real, but all the characters really did exist and so did the place. Well, it made me start to think maybe I could write a story about ‘Wilma’s Mountain’ and include all the places and animals we see when we’re up there. Mum said it sounded too much like ‘Walton’s Mountain’ but I told her ours was heaps better.

The setting is the easy bit. I need an idea for a story now. I don’t think I’d be as good at that bit as Alfie was. Perhaps I’ll wait until I get home and talk to him about it to see if he has any suggestions.

Shadow still not well

Shadow is still not right. She disgraced herself yesterday, she had a bit of an upset tum and didn’t get chance to go out. She found the nearest thing she could to long grass but in the house. Mum wasn’t thrilled at having to clean the resulting mess out of the rug.

The wardrobe

Well you’ll be pleased to know the extra pieces of wardrobe have not gone to waste. Mum has turned them into an extra little bedside unit. She’s really rather pleased with her handiwork and has now finished with furniture building. She still has to put up some pictures. She’s having to drill holes in the walls. I don’t know what the walls are made of but she has ruined one drill bit so far. It came out glowing red, which I’m sure is not a good sign.

Salvo and Izzy

Salvo and Izzy are coming to stay later so I’m really rather excited. Mum says I have to help her get things ready, but I’m sure that probably means I need to stay out of the way. She’s asked Shadow if she could stop farting quite so much too. It’s a good job we can have all the windows open!



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