Shadow is in hospital – Friday 13th July 2018

Shadow is in hospital

Shadow is in hospital. It was an eventful day yesterday. She got Mum up at 5.30am to say she really really didn’t feel well. They went out and Shadow had a very poorly tummy with lots of blood in it. Then she went out again and it was just blood, so Mum knew she needed the vet. They went to our local vet who gave Shadow morphine and an antibiotic injection, then they gave her fluids as she was dehydrated. While the drip was going in the vet rang to find somewhere to do an emergency ultrasound scan. Then after they took some blood and put a canular into her vein, Mum had to drive her to the veterinary hospital. Anyway, Mum had to leave her there and then wait to hear.

Good news and bad news

The good news later in the day was that Shadow doesn’t have a tumour. She has a small growth on her spleen but they think that is benign. The real problem is that according to the radiographer her intestines are the most inflamed he’s ever seen. Poor Shadow is in so much discomfort. They haven’t confirmed the cause yet. It may be parasitic or it may be viral. They have to wait for her to poo again so they’ve got something to test. She’s stayed in hospital overnight and we are waiting to hear from them again today.


Izzy, Salvo, Valeria and me

Of course I was missing Shadow and we’re all worried about her, but I did have fun too. I do feel a little guilty that she missed out, but I’m sure she wouldn’t have begrudged me the time with my family. Salvo and Izzy came to stay and we took them up our mountain for a walk with my sister Valeria (their aunt). It was awesome. I don’t think I’m going to want to go home… ever! I have to go to the vet this morning for my passport to be stamped, but I don’t really know if we’re going home on time or not yet. Shadow needs to be a lot better first. She also needs to be better before she can have any extra medication, which she needs to do before we go home.

I’m off to spend an hour or two with Salvo and Izzy before they go home.



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  1. Hi Wilma, please send loads of hugs and love to my poorly Mum. I am so sad to hear she is not well. We are all wishing her a speedy recovery. We love the photo you sent and hope you have a great day with Izzy and Salvo today. Lots of love Dickens and my family. XXXXXXXXXX

    • Thank you. Your mum should be coming out of hospital later today. We will take very good care of her.
      Love Wilma

    • Thank you, Reggie. I will certainly do that. We’re hoping to collect her lat this afternoon.
      Love Wilma x

    • Thank you. They think it is acute hemorrhagic diarrhoea triggered by the pancreatitis she had.
      Love Wilma

  2. Roooo please send lots of woofs and wags from me to Shadow. I hope she feels better soon, I know it’s no fun being poorly and staying at the hospital is even worse so I hope the vet can help her soon.

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