Coming home – Saturday 14th July 2018

Coming home

She’s coming home, she’s coming home, she’s coming. Shadow’s coming home! Actually, more to the point she is now home and is much better than she was but is still very poorly. Mum summed it up by explaining that it had taken seven bags to clean up after her on the little walk she had last night. I won’t go into details, but she’s got a very long way to go. She has two lots of tablets and some probiotics. She’s not ready to eat very much and is sleeping a lot, but she says she is very very happy to be home. She also asked me to thank everyone for their good wishes and said it has really cheered her up to know how much you all care.

Having fun

I know I ought to be being all quiet and considerate, but I have been having so much fun. I do feel a very small bit guilty, but not much. I had an absolute ball with Salvo and Izzy. We got in trouble a few times for forgetting we were inside and playing very madly. It made no difference whatsoever, we just carried on regardless.

Gone to bed

Then after they’d gone Mum was working and wondered why I was a bit quiet. Normally I sit by her feet, but I had a better idea and when she found me I was having a nap… in her bed! It was comfortable. My bed here is just a mat on the floor. You can’t blame a girl for choosing the comfortable option.

Meeting the cat

Then one of next door’s cats asked if we could call a truce. We made steps toward each other, but I caved and gave a bit of a woof. The cat responded by hissing at me, so the entente cordiale came to a dramatic end and I was taken inside. We might try again, but I think I prefer chasing them.



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