Ups and downs – Sunday 15th July 2018

Ups and downs

Shadow’s recovery is full of ups and downs. Overnight on Friday she quietly found a corner to have a very upset tummy. When Mum got up at 6am she had some clearing up to do. Sadly, because it was all blood again and Shadow wouldn’t eat or drink she had to go back to the vet. The vet gave her two injections and Shadow asked if she could try the special dry sensitive food instead of the tins and they came home again. At that point Shadow said she would really like to try and eat something. To be honest from that point she said she’d like to eat everything. She started drinking again too, which made Mum very happy. We won’t know how she’s doing until we find out what comes out the other end. I’m just glad I don’t have to do the clearing up.

Changes to plans

Me cuddling up to Dad

We were supposed to be starting to drive back to England tomorrow morning, but Mum said we needed to see how Shadow was after her injections have worn off. It doesn’t seem a good idea for Shadow to have to have two long days in the car when she really isn’t that well.

Mum rang Alfie to see how he was. She asked if he’d mind waiting another couple of days to see us. Ari is having a great time without us, but Alfie said he was really looking forward to seeing us, but he can wait if it helps Shadow. It means I get two more days in my lovely homeland. On the downside I’m going to have to have a second lot of worming treatment for my passport to be the correct timing for travelling home. Shadow wasn’t having hers until Monday anyway so that her tummy had time to be a bit better first.

Excited about today

Now I’m excited about seeing Berry later today for a walk. Shadow is looking forward to talking to her too as she has had similar health problems so I think Shadow wants to know how long it took to get better. Shadow isn’t coming for the walk. She says she’d really like to have a sleepy sort of rest day to try and build some strength back up. I’m hoping she will be well enough to come for a little walk with again before we go home. It’s so much easier to terrorise the neighbourhood cats when we can turn out as a pack.



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