Passport – Tuesday 17th July 2018

Salvo. Izzy, Valeria and me


Today I am going to the vet to have my passport stamped for coming home… again! I only went on Friday but as our travel has been delayed that one doesn’t count and I need to have it all done all over again. Oh I like our vet here, but I think she may be getting fed up of seeing us at the moment. We think Shadow is now well enough to travel. She is still on medication and that will last long enough until we get home. Mum says that at least now she doesn’t have a completely upset tummy and she is drinking enough, so she thinks it will be safe for her to make the journey home. Hopefully she will continue to improve, but we’ll take it steadily and take good care of her.

Seeing My Sister

It means I get an extra walk with my sister today, which is always good news. We’re going somewhere different. Somewhere I have not been before so I’m looking forward to telling you all about it too. Mum wants to go and buy a present for a friend from somewhere near there, but I can’t tell you about that or Mum will get cross with me.

I did go for a lovely walk with Mum on my mountain yesterday morning. It was a really beautiful morning and very clear. We could see the mountains all the way round. The only problem when it’s like that is that Mum starts singing and if you’ve ever heard her it really is enough to ruin the sunniest day. She says I should be pleased she’s happy, but how would she react if I started howling?


Mum says I need to help with the packing too. I’m not sure what I need to pack. I’ve done my best to eat all of the food I brought rather than take that home. I’m going to leave some of my other stuff here, so I’ve got it for next time. I think Mum is hoping if we leave most of the things here we’ll be able to fit our proper bed in the car and that definitely seems like a good idea.



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