On the road – Wednesday 18th July 2018

On the road

We’re on the road again. It doesn’t seem right to say we’re going home because this is home too, but we’re country hopping all the same. Shadow had some injections yesterday afternoon, which will last 48 hours. That will be long enough for us to get back to our vet in England to see what we need to do next. She is still in pain and we haven’t managed to completely get to the bottom of the problem yet. She is very used to being in the car, so that part of things won’t be a problem. We’re also staying in a hotel that we’ve been to before, which makes it easier.

Mama’s lake

Yesterday, Mama and Valeria took me for a walk by the lake they live near. It was really still and very lovely. Mum forgot to take some photos for me, so sadly I can’t show you this time. Apparently it’s an artificial lake, which means it is not as deep and can be warmer for swimming in the summer. I don’t really know if we’d be allowed to go in as in their Canton you have to be on a lead when you’re out and I don’t know how that would work in the water.


We’ve had thunderstorms here the last couple of days. On Monday night it was really weird as the ceiling above Mum and Dad’s bed is a sloping one which is all windows and there were all these flashes going on. Then yesterday when we went to the vet we got very wet when we came out and there was a very loud clap of thunder when we got out of the car at home. To be honest I was less freaked out by that than I have been by being around more traffic. Where we live in England I don’t have to walk next to cars very often, but here I’ve been doing it every morning. Mum has said it’s good for me to get more used to it. I argue it’s good for me to avoid it altogether!


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