Too hot – Monday 23rd July 2018

Alfie looking good

Too Hot

Alfie looking good

We were all too hot yesterday. Our Mistress was beating off thunder flies. Ari was asking to go back to where his crate is in the utility, because it’s cooler in there. I just winged. Wilma seemed to be the only one not moaning. She doesn’t seem to mind the changes in temperature. Our Mistress was in the office most of the day and eventually had the courage to open a window. You might wonder why it had taken that long! Wasps! We’ve had a bit of a problem with wasps this year. We’ve had three nests which have had to be got rid of, one of which was right outside the window above our Mistress’s desk. If you opened the window – they swarmed! None of us were very keen on that.

Predators for wasps

We’ve even resorted to investigating what preys on wasps. Our Mistress has concluded that short of her getting some crocodiles or alligators we may be a little stuck. It may not surprise you to know we’ve vetoed that suggestion. What she really wants to know is why all the wasps are picking our house to move into. What exactly are we doing wrong?

Food Delivery

In dog terms, today is one of those exciting days we look forward to. It’s dog food delivery day. At least it is for me and Shadow. Wilma and Ari have a cupboard full of food as our Mistress made a mistake on the last order, thinking theirs was running low when it wasn’t. Now however both mine and Shadow’s food is running low and that’s a very worrying time for a dog. Shadow has changed to a different food to me now. I prefer that as it means I don’t have to worry someone else might be eating my food. Of course, if I did run out I would not be averse to eating her food or anyone else’s for that matter. Our Mistress is saying that Aristotle is going to be moving to the food I’m on soon and that does worry me! He will be joining me and Shadow in the senior category on his next birthday, which is a worrying thought.

Anyway, have a great day


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  1. Lovely to have you back writing the diary Alfie. Lovely pic of you. Have a great day. xxxx

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