Told off – Tuesday 31st July 2018

Told off

I’ve been told off. Mum got really cross with me and said she wasn’t enjoying being with me yesterday. I don’t even know why I was behaving like that really. Apparently I was skittish and hyper all day, even though it was too hot to do anything much. The day started ok. We went up my mountain for our early walk. I don’t think I did much wrong then and I think we both enjoyed it. Maybe it was because Mum wanted a normal working day that the problem came about. I didn’t feel like being good and sitting there while she worked. I wanted to play.

Buzzy Things

We are being plagued by buzzy things too and I don’t think that helped. It certainly didn’t help while Mum stalked round the office with a weapon in her hand trying to find where the buzz to end all buzzes was coming from. We can’t even begin to think what could have been making noises as loud as that. Mum was really quite freaked out. Having got rid of no less than three wasps nests back in England we think we have one of those here too, but the buzz was far more than an ordinary wasp would make. After an hour or two of it making a dreadful noise every ten or fifteen minutes, is it any wonder I was hyper?

Ice cream

Now you’re going to find this hard to believe, but dad came home early and took Mum out for an ice cream WITHOUT US! What were they thinking? Oh I know it was still 30 degrees outside and Shadow has not been coping with the heat, but how dare they? They could have stayed in with us. Apparently, I might have been allowed to go if I had not been so naughty. There is a lesson in there somewhere but I’m sure it’s unlikely I’m going to be learning it anytime soon.



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