Over the Brünig – Thursday 2nd August 2018

Over the Brünig

Yesterday we drove over the Brünig to see my sister. If you don’t know Switzerland that’s one of the mountain passes and the views are amazing. You just wouldn’t believe the colour of the lakes as you look down. They don’t look real. Shadow and I were looking out of the back window and doing our best to see. It’s times like this I really think I should swap with Dad and travel up front, but he says he won’t fit in the crate. The roads are very twisty in places but it’s the fastest route for us.

How many?

How many Entlebuchers can you have at one small party? Oh what a day it was. Falk was the eldest. He’s 13 and is the father of Shadow’s third litter. They did the whole family photo thing, although if I’m being honest neither of them was all that keen. Then there was Shadow next in age, closely followed by Megan One (if you don’t know how she came to be one, it’s a long story!). Then there was Whoopie, Tosca and Beija, and Freddy, one whose name I really can’t spell and of course me! Megan kept taking the ball to the humans and wanting them to throw it for her. I kept running off with the ball to get the others to chase me. Shadow ran

Shadow and Falk

so much that her leg hurts. Oh it was wonderful.

Beija’s puppies

I met some of Beija’s puppies. They are just lovely. Two of them are coming to the UK, which is very exciting. I don’t know if they will remember me then but we had some nice little sniffs and nuzzles. I’ve promised Beija I’ll keep an eye on them for her. It’s the least I can do seeing as I can’t have my own puppies.

Now we’re having a quieter day, which really will seem quite boring in comparison.



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