Birds and the bees – Friday 3rd August 2018

Birds and the bees

Never mind the birds and the bees, our problem is the wasps busy making more wasps. They flew into the office in the middle of their activities and as Mum said they were very reluctant to leave. Mum doesn’t like them in ones, never mind in twos with ‘do not disturb’ signs out. She was getting quite frantic after a while, but fortunately there is a Velux window that swings round and Mum managed to launch them back out into the world. I said they were probably fairly cross about it, but she closed the windows so they couldn’t come back and find her.

Views of the Eiger

Our walk yesterday with my sister followed a different path up through the forest. It was so lovely. Then at the top there was a view point with a picture of which of the mountains was which across the alps. It was very exciting to find we could see places that it had taken us an hour and a half to drive to the day before. Valeria and I wanted to carry on and do a much longer walk, but Mum had to go back to work. She can be really boring sometimes.

Exciting day

Today will be exciting. We have to do a boring bit first and go to the vet to have our passports stamped. Actually, it’s really nice because Shadow wants to say thank you to them for looking after her so well when we were here last time. I think they will be surprised to see just how much better she look again now. Anyway, the exciting bit is after that as we’re going to spend the rest of the day with my mama and sister. They have a great garden with some lovely shady bits where Mum can sit and work while we girls all have a good catch up. I love being able to see so much of them.



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