Lazy Day – Saturday 4th August 2018

Lazy Day

Yesterday was a lazy day. Shadow and I spent it in my Mama’s garden. It was so much cooler than in the office at home. We were much happier. Of course we got into trouble for barking whenever anything very much happened, but that’s part of the fun. The best bit was that Mama’s human had made ice cream specially for us. I’ve never had sausage ice cream before, it was amazing. I did of course get into trouble for taking the whole ice cream in one bite when I was supposed to be just having licks and sharing it with the others. Is it really my fault if they weren’t fast enough?

I think I’d like to spend every day at Mama’s as we were spoiled all day.

Last day

Today is the last day of doing things on this trip. None of us want to go back to England. Shadow and I miss Dad almost as much as Mum does. We’re all going to be a bit quiet when we have to leave tomorrow. Mum says we mustn’t think of that yet and we need to make the most of today and have some fun. I think what’s planned for the day is going to depend on how hot it is going to be. We can’t really go for long walks when it’s as hot as this. I was wondering if we could go for a swim in the lake, but Mum is not so keen on that idea. She said something about her summer body not being ready, but from what she said it may not have been ready for the last twenty years.


I’m supposed to be doing my packing, but to be honest I’m thinking if I haven’t packed then maybe Mum won’t make us leave. I’m not taking much back with me but I do need to make sure we’ve got enough food and Bonios for the journey.



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