Goodbyes are hard – Monday 6th August 2018

Goodbyes are hard

Our goodbyes are hard. Having to give Dad a hug and a lick and then get into the car and drive off is never going to be easy. Oh, I try to just treat it like a day he’s going to work and tell myself I’ll only not see him for a short time, but it never really feels like that. It didn’t help sitting next to Shadow all day with her being really miserable because no one gives her the same amount of love and attention as Dad does. She’s also sad as Mum said she may not bring her for the next couple of trips because she gets really nervy and starts barking all the time at things. Then that sets me off. I felt a bit mean as I will get to go without her.

Counting down the days

Now we’re just counting down the days to Dad coming home for a week later in the month. He’s actually going to be on holiday that week so Shadow says she doesn’t want to leave his side for a single minute. I think she may have to for some of the time, but I can see what she means. For a start she’s never been that easy to take out to coffee shops. She gets it into her head that she’s a guard dog and once Mum and Dad are there she tries to scare off anyone else who comes in. She does it wherever we go. I’ve tried explaining to her the difference between public places and home, but she just sees them all as her territory once she’s there.

Halfway home

Anyway, we’re halfway home. Almost exactly. Mum stops at a hotel that means we have about twenty more miles behind us than we still have to do. It’s really hot so we’re hoping we don’t have any delays at the Channel Tunnel. She’s hoping no one is going to come and swear at her at check in too! I think if they do she may just swear back!



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