Smoke alarm – Thursday 9th August 2018

Smoke Alarm

If our Mistress is going to set off the smoke alarm I am not going in the kitchen. The hard thing is that the kitchen is normally my safe zone. However yesterday our Mistress forgot she was in the middle of cooking and when she put the rubbish out decided to stay outside and cut the dead heads off the roses. We have a lot of roses. There were a lot of dead heads. 97 to be precise and yes she counted them. Anyway, when she came back in and took the lid off the pan roasted vegetables it turned out they were more char grilled than roasted. I of course went to stand outside the back door and refused to come in. It took a whole extra Bonio to persuade me.

Barking Dog

Again that would be me! I’m sorry, but I find all this going away, coming home, going away… very confusing and I don’t really know where I am. The smoke alarm hasn’t helped but even before that I was unsettled. I admit I did start barking at 5am yesterday morning. I am also guilty of barking every time our Mistress tried to go to sleep after that up until 7am when she needed to get up. Of course, I then went to sleep by the kitchen door absolutely worn out. Our Mistress said she ought to have made lots of noise then to get her own back, but to be honest when I go to sleep now you could take a bulldozer to the house and I wouldn’t know about it.

My Puppy

Obviously I’m very pleased to have our Mistress home as I really miss her when we’re apart. I miss my puppy too though. Wilma is great company and I do enjoy snuggling up to her when we go up to bed. Ok, so she walks over me every now and again, in her haste to get to our Mistress usually, but she does remember to give me an apologetic lick afterwards.

Have a good day


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