Plan your weekend – Monday 13th August

Plan your weekend

Now is the time to plan your next weekend. On Saturday or Sunday you can go to The Pet Show at Staffordshire County Showgrounds. We can’t go unfortunately but we really want to. We all want to go for different reasons. Mum wants to go to see the alpacas. I was rather hoping I might get chance to go shopping for treats. There are different zones for the activities to make it easy for you to find the area you want.

All sorts of animals

There are all sorts of animals going to be there from micro pigs to parrots and cats to spiders. There will be people to tell you about them all and the chance to meet all sorts of animals in person. A big cat show is  part of it, which Shadow and I think might be irresistible. We might be more sensible to go to learn about a huge 30 stone tortoise. That really is one very big Giant Tortoise! There are displays of dog tricks and agility and all sorts of fund and activities. You can find out about it all for yourself HERE

Please send us your pictures if you do get chance to go – unless then are of the eight legged representatives there as Mum is not so keen on those. I’d really like to see some pictures of you all next to the tortoise!

Fun Dog Show

If you fancy trying your paw at beating all-comers then there is a fun dog show as part of the event too. If you think your tail wags more than the next dog then go and prove the point. I’m sure I’d beat you if I could go, but I’ll have to prove that I’m best at it another time.

Have a great time


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