Small world – Tuesday 14th August 2018

Wilma waiting at the station

Small World

It’s a small world. I heard from one of our friends that their daughter had bumped into Wilma’s nephew Eiger while on holiday recently. It just goes to remind you that you are rarely more than six connections away from dogs you know. I know being a small breed our world is smaller than most, but it’s much the same for humans. On the one paw that’s a good thing as you soon find friends wherever you go. On the other paw, it makes it so much harder to get away from your wrong doings of the past. There is always going to be somebody who knows about the plant pot you trashed or shoes you ate. There really is no getting away from it. Oh, you can have your misdeeds removed from the internet, but some dog somewhere will still remember.

Shadow is happy

Shadow is a happy dog. James is home. James was her original human and you can just imagine what that means to her. It’s going to take quite a lot of bouncing before she gets it out of her system and settles down again. I can just imagine how she’ll be in another couple of weeks when our Master is home to and all her favourite humans are in the same place for a short while. She is not normally an emotional dog, but even she can’t fail to show how much she loves them both. Whilst not emotional in that sense, she is probably the happiest dog in the world at times and for the next few weeks she’s likely to have a constant smile on her face. It makes me want to bottle it and sell it. Or it least save it for her for the days when they aren’t around and she misses them.

Have a good day


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